KidsCare II-Open to Public

Important update regarding the KidsCare II Initiative:  As most of you are aware notification letters have been mailed out by AHCCCS to individuals on the KidsCare waiting list to apply for KidsCare.  AHCCCS opened enrollment for KidsCare in April 2012 and their effort has been to enroll as many families back into KidsCare.  One of the challenges faced by AHCCCS and the HEA enrollment specialist is that the contact information on file is no longer current.  Since the implementation of the Initiative many families have been taken off the waiting list and have been approved for KidsCare, but there are still spaces available.  Therefore, AHCCCS is opening enrollment to the Public today (6/25/12) so I encourage you to notify any clients, colleagues, or partners who may benefit or may be interested in this information please feel free to share.  Here are some important highlights to know/share.

1.       June 25, 2012 Opening KidsCare II to the public

2.       Based on a first come first serve

3.       Priority is given to those on the waiting list (I still encourage people to apply)

4.       4,000 kids back into KidsCare II

5.       11,000 applications in process (allow up to 45 days) for applications to be processed

6.       AHCCCS is accepting paper applications and they MUST be turned into DES

If you or any of your clients have any questions regarding the KidsCare II Initiative or where you can complete a HEA application please contact the HEA Community Partner Hotline (info below):

The HEA Community Partner Hotline contact information is:

(602) 542-5802 calling from the 602 area code

1(855) 572-4958 calling from outside of the 602 area code Or email

For more information on eligibility please visit the website. Link to website:

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