Parent Information Network

The Arizona Department of Education is making related to parent services and Kathy Gray-Mangerson, Parent Information Network Specialist, with the Arizona Department of Education has provided the following information:

The five remaining Parent Information Network Specialists (PINS) have been informed that the Arizona Department of Education is planning to enter into an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with Raising Special Kids to provide parent services and that the Parent Information Network (PIN) will cease to exist. Raising Special Kids has chosen to not renew their contract with Pilot Parents of Southern Arizona, who provides parent support and training regarding educational issues to southern Arizona. The plan, as explained to us, is to use the funding RSK receives from the IGA to provide services to southern Arizona. The timeline for this transition is October 1, 2012. We really do not know what the IGA will contain; we were told that our questions and concerns will be addressed as the IGA is drafted.

Raising Special Kids is Arizona’s only Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) and receives money from the United States Department of Education to provide services to families of children with disabilities. They cover the entire state. Some states have more than one PTI.

PIN Specialists believe that there is room for both of us. We have always worked collaboratively with RSK and vice versa. We have even co-presented at conferences. The Parent Information Network is a visible presence at the department, focused on parent services that support families as they navigate the special education system. We collaborate with the Department’s Education Program Specialists who provide technical assistance and monitor public education agencies to resolve issues. PIN Specialists are able to work with Dispute Resolution and communicate to families their informal and formal options. We assist families as they work to resolve their concerns at the school without completely destroying relationships. However, sometimes complaints need to be filed and we provide families with that information as well.

The Parent Information Network believes that families should have options. If the Arizona Department of Education moves to dissolve the PIN, RSK will be the only place for families to go to get free assistance. This plan is not based on fiscal concerns as ADE will be sending the budgeted monies for the PIN to RSK under the IGA. We are putting into practice what we impart to our families; so we are expressing our concerns and following the chain-of-command.

We are turning to you, our stakeholders, and asking for your support. So, if you have received support from the PIN through our trainings, technical assistance, lending library, printed resources, disability resource guide, or consultations, we would appreciate it if you could let the administration at ADE hear how the PIN assisted in producing positive outcomes for students. We would also like to ask that you let them know that having options for support in Arizona is important to you and a commitment that you would like ADE to continue to provide. Here is the contact information should you want to reach out:

Superintendent John Huppenthal
Phone: 602-364-1952
Mailing Address: 1535 West Jefferson Street, Bin 2
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Arizona State Board of Education
Phone: 602-542-5057
Mailing Address: 1535 West Jefferson Street, Bin 11
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Governor’s Office
Dale Frost
Policy Advisor, Education
Phone: 602-542-4331
Toll free: 1-800-253-0883
Mailing Address: The Honorable Janice K. Brewer
Arizona Governor
Executive Tower
1700 W Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007


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