Free workshop on Behaviors


Turning it Around:  Strategies for Helping Kids with Difficult Behaviors

This FREE workshop is designed with both educators and parents in mind.  Much has happened in the last two years to allow us to assist students in innovative, yet practical ways, including new technology, alternatives to aversives, and new understandings through neuroscience of the causes of ineffective behaviors (and therefore the means to prevent them.) We address many of the underlying (and overlooked) causes of common behavior concerns, including fundamental deficits in language processing, self-regulation, and “triggers” that are often difficult to discern.  We learn about new tools of positive behavioral support, new technology applications, and and the appropriate and effective responses to these behaviors.  We address the very important issues of restraint and seclusion. We cover lying, arguing, defiance, physical aggression, “laziness,” and behaviors secondary to OCD, ADHD, ODD, depression, and anxiety.   Social skills acquisition (or lack of acquisition) is discussed in context of pragmatic language, and some ways of supporting social skills acquisition are discussed.  Tools will be given for developing and using a functional behavioral assessment that actually works for the individual student, in the context of the student’s classroom.

Above all, the emphasis of this workshop is on looking at our own behaviors first when we are in a challenging situation with a child or children, and evaluating the role that our own behavior has in contributing to the unsuccessful interaction, since our own behavior is ultimately the first behavior that has to change for the interaction to change.

Despite the serious nature of the topic, this is a fun and upbeat workshop that will leave participants with a sense of relief and empowerment.

Date & Time:
Saturday, October 6th, 2012
10:00am – 4:00pm
Pima Community College Downtown Campus, Amethyst Room
1255 N. Stone Ave. (at Speedway), Tucson, AZ
Presented by: Jill McCollum, Developmental Specialist

You will need to RSVP by e-mail to
The session will be filled on a first come, first serve basis and seating is limited.
There is no charge to attend the workshop and it is open to all participants including parents, family members, educators, social workers and community members. Please provide your own lunch. Certificates of attendance will be provided by request at the conclusion of the workshop.

Registrations are handled by e-mail only. For questions only please call 520-570-1295.


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2 Responses to Free workshop on Behaviors

  1. Rosie Blanco says:

    Please enroll me in this workshop. Thank you.
    Rosie Blanco

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