AzEIP Communication to Families

Families will begin receiving the first of several letters regarding the upcoming changes to AzEIP this week.   The letter (link below) refers families to DES’s website, which has been updated to include information about the Key Principles of Early Intervention. Segments of the videos that include examples of what the principles look like in practice have been posted. Please go to the website and see the new information that has been added  In addition, Raising Special Kids, Arizona’s Parent Information and Training Center, is partnering with DES to provide information and support to parents regarding the upcoming changes. Their information is also included in the letter.
As you know, contracts are effective on February 1, 2013. Transition planning has been underway with DDD and ASDB, and now that new contracts are awarded,  the transition planning to include new and current contractors can be expanded.  It is their plan to work closely with everyone to ensure this transition process is as smooth as possible for families. One way everyone can work toward this goal is to continue to provide the services on each families IFSPs until their transition, when applicable, is complete.
In an effort to keep the lines of communication open to families, early intervention professionals and the community, DES anticipates posting updated information to their website on a regular basis. DES will be posting information regarding the transition plan on our website in the very near future.
Please share this email with your colleagues, service coordinators and teams to ensure everyone has a chance to see the attached letter sent to families.

Rev Final Family Letter ENG (Phase I)

Final Family Letter SPA (Phase I)

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