Special Workshop for Parents of Children with Special Needs

The Good Squeeze

For those of us who NEVER knew how incredibly strong we really were. Nor how much we could possibly love………..

A talk for parents of children with exceptional needs on how to extract the wisdom, vitality, and love from the seemingly impossible places in our lives. In this free, live and special presentation:

  • learn how to accept, and grow from the often overwhelming responsibilities

  • discover stress reducing techniques that will positively affect your life, and support you in dealing with the burn-out that can happen for even the most loving parents

  • feel supported in creating and committing to practices that lead to greater self-care, personal empowerment, joy/ health-full living, and deeper intimacy with others

Michelle Marks, M.A., and a mama/care-taker of a child with extreme special needs, has been sharing what she loves since 2001, offering experiential practices of the body, mind, and spirit. With a commitment to personal and collective evolution, she dedicates herself to living yoga as a universal path to wake up to all aspects of ourselves, and to our highest potential.

This offering will be held on Tuesday, February 19th at 6:30pm at Children’s Clinics in the Square and Compass Building, 2600 North Wyatt Drive. Flo Manning Conference Center

To register call: #990-0696 or email: michellehollymarks@gmail.com

website here: http://templeloveyoga.com/workshops-and-retreats/ 

About FSA

Home visitation & parent education programs providing a continuum of quality, research-based, & curriculum driven services to support families & children prenatally through age 5.
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