Children are Priceless Passengers (CAPP) Program

In 1993 the Tempe Police Department partnered with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Tempe Saint Luke’s Hospital and the Tempe Municipal Court to develop the Children Are Priceless Passengers (CAPP) Program.  The program was initiated to reduce infant and toddler deaths and injuries in Arizona by educating the public on the effectiveness of continuous and proper use of child safety seats. The program provides two hour child safety classes in both English and Spanish and instructed by nationally certified child safety seat technicians.

During the class participants will learn about the effects of collisions, types and dynamics of a child safety seat, how to install and use their seats correctly in their vehicle by the use of an instructional video, as well as, a hands-on lecture.  Upon the completion of the instructional portion, participants install the seats in each of their respective vehicles. The seats are briefly checked by the instructor to ensure proper installation.

Child safety seats are provided as part of the class fee to those individuals who don’t currently have a seat or one that is outdated (expiration date), recalled by the manufacturer, involved in a collision, unknown prior history or with inadequate and/or missing parts.  Upon completion of the class, participants are provided a certificate of completion.

Classes in Tucson are held at Tuscon Medical Center (5301 E Grant Rd).  There is a $35.00 administrative fee for the class.  For dates and times of these classes please click the link below:

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