Parents and Teachers as Allies- Early Warning Signs of Mental Illness

Participants will receive a 90 minute mental health education program that will help them understand the early warning signs of mental illness in children/youth. The presentation will cover the following information:

1. Early Warning Signs of Mental Illnesses – A facilitator walks the audience through the early warning signs of mental illnesses, closely following the PTasA publication.
2. Family Response – A parent or caregiver of a child with mental illness covers the predictable stages of emotional reactions among family members dealing with the challenges of mental illness. The lived experience of raising a child with a mental illness is explained.
3. Living with Mental Illness – An individual that experienced the early onset of mental illness shares a view from the inside, including a discussion about the positive and negative impact that their school experience had on their life.

Presented by: Judi Maikoff with the National Alliance on Mental Illness

When: March 5, 11:00am-1:00pm (brown bag lunch and networking from 11-11:30am)
Where: Tucson Midtown Police Department- Patrick K. Hardesty Multi Service Center

For more information or to register for this event please visit:

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