Job Posting: TUSD Teenage Parent Program

TUSD Teenage Parent Program is looking for an Early Childhood Education teacher.  This is someone who is CTE certified to teach high school, but has experience in the Early Childhood Field (0-5).  We want to build a new Early Childhood Education program that will conduct lab classes in our nurseries so that our parenting teens can gain the skills needed to work in the Early Childhood Field, but also so that they are well informed parents who can support their children with all developmental stages and ensure that they are ready for kindergarten.

The ECE teacher would teach years one and two of Early Childhood Education (there is a curriculum in place), a health/birthing class, and then they would be in the nurseries to coordinate student learning experiences with the babies.  They would be a full time teacher and work closely with TAP’s other teachers and infant care specialists.  They would also mentor and support a chapter of FCCLA which is the CTE ECE student club that exposes student to competitions in the field, community service projects, instruction on resume writing and interviewing, and much more.  This club organizes a lot of in school student events and contributes greatly to our school’s climate and culture.

For more information or to apply for this position please click here.

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