September 8 is International Literacy Day!

International Literacy Day is September 8th and The Sunnyside Literacy Council will be celebrating the event at the El Pueblo Community Center.  This will be an indoor and outdoor event.  It will be held from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm to encourage both students and their families to participate.

This is a celebration denoting how other parts of the world use and perform literacy. There will be demonstrations and illustrations by Mod Science and performances from the El Pueblo Senior Center.  There will also be participation by the Sunnyside School District Students through performances and demonstrations.

Participants are asked to have either a hands on activity or give-aways, as well as, literature about their organization.   There is a desire to include activities and information of interest to parents as well as children.  However, if your organization specializes in addressing the needs and interests of children, don’t stress about adding a component for other family members.

For more information or further questions please contact Ada M. Adams at 520-343-1056 or

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