Bump to Baby Education & Support

Two hours of prenatal education and two hours of postpartum support!

The birth of your baby is one of the most exciting times in your life.  Bringing them home can also be kind of scary.  You will get a lot of tips and advice from everyone, but learning to trust your instincts is very important. Let me help put your mind at ease as you transition into parenting.  Bump to Baby Education & Support includes one 2 hour in home, hands on, class for new parent(s) plus another 2 hour in-home visit once the baby is born to reinforce what we previously covered and check to see how you are adjusting.

Can customize the teaching to your individual needs.  Choose from a variety of topics to discuss.

Provided by: Colleen H. Laszakovits RN-BSN, CPD, CLE, CCBE, CCTE
Cost: $150 for both classes, $60 one class

For more information or how to sign up for these classes please click here.

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