Find Affordable Health Care Coverage in the Health Insurance Marketplace

Open enrollment begins on November 15, 2014!

Consider this:

  • More than half of all bankruptcies in the United States are due to unexpected medical expenses
  • Those who have been uninsured for more than 3 months in 2014 may have to pay a penalty at tax time.
  • Many people qualify for low cost health insurance in the Marketplace
  • Local help is available

Trained staff from the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona will present the information on health insurance options and how to take advantage of them to your staff or the families you work with.

Get Insured! Take Advantage of New Healthcare Options is a 45 minute presentation available in English or Spanish designed to explain how to:

  • Sign up for low-to-no-cost health insurance
  • Take advantage of tax credits and subsidies that may be available to you
  • Avoid the possibility of paying a penalty at tax time for not having health insurance
  • Locate help in your community to assist with applying for health insurance

To schedule a presenter come to your organization at no cost to you, please contact:

Andrea Chiasson, Senior Director, Health and Nutrition
United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona


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