Job Posting: Project Director- MIECHV Grant

The Arizona Department of Health Services has a new position as the Project Director to manage the Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting Grant, a $12M federal grant to support the provision of child development, health and school readiness for pregnant women and families with young children in their homes. This position will coordinate the activities to be carried out under the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) grants including the three models of evidence based home visiting services; a professional development system including web based training; benchmark institutes, regional trainings, and an annual conference for over 700 people; and community development including contracts with local county health departments and support to improve the capacity of the communities to offer home visiting. Additionally, this position will be responsible for the program and system evaluation by various entities; ensure effective implementation and accountability for the federal grant and ensure timely reporting and monitoring of sub-contractors and expenditures; approve all expenditures and ensure fiscal monitoring occurs for all contracts; and will supervise and ensure accountability of staff and contractors.

To Apply: Go to, click on SEARCH FOR JOBS, Choose HEALTH SERVICES, DEPT OF from AGENCY drop down, click on SEARCH and self-nominate for MIECHV PROGRAM DIRECTOR (Health Program Manager III), Job ID #: 13873.

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