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Reflective Practice and Self-Care

No one is immune to the holiday stress that accompanies this time of year.  As a professional who works directly with families, you often have to balance both your responsibilities and stresses with those of the clients you serve.

With that in mind, it is important to take time during this busy month to participate in reflective practice and caring for yourself.  Reach out to your supervisor if needed to engage and process what you experience.  This includes:

  • Reflection: Reflection is taking time to step back from your work and think about what the experience really means.  And no worries, it is not expected that you and your supervisor are in a therapeutic relationship.  Reflection instead focuses on active listening and thoughtful questioning by both you and your supervisor.
  • Collaboration: Teamwork! Collaboration is about sharing responsibility and control of power.  This can show itself in you expressing a desire to take on new or exciting opportunities within your work as well as exercising control over your workload.  Engage with your supervisor to find the most impactful way to collaborate to serve your clients and experience support.
  • Regularity: While this time of year seems to highlight the need to be mindful with ourselves and our clients, reflective supervision is effective when it is practiced with regularity.

To learn more about reflective supervision, visit Zero To Three.

The work you do is important and impactful.  Make certain to care for yourself with the same commitment you care for your clients.

Strong Families AZ wishes you and your families a safe holiday season and a healthy and happy 2016!  We will see you then, with great new professional development opportunities and resources!


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