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New and Updated Domestic Violence
Resources for Home Visitors
One of the most delicate issues that a home visitor deals with is suspected domestic violence in a family she or he works with. As challenging as this is, it is important to remember that there is assistance available. In addition to the necessary support provided by your supervisor, Strong Families AZ also provides the following resources:
  • Training: The more you understand the dynamics of domestic violence, the more effective you can be. This year, Strong Families AZ is offering the recently updated Healthy Moms, Happy Babies curriculum from Futures Without Violence. The new training is a little shorter than before – now six hours – because it addresses the most critical concepts. Find classes in your area on the  Home Visitor Portal.
  • Referral Resources: Check out the Community Services and Supports tab at the  Home Visitor Portal for resources in your area.
  • Resource Information: The Resources tab at the Home Visitor Portal has a section on Reducing Domestic Violence with articles covering a variety of areas.
  • Technical Assistance: Through a partnership with the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence, technical assistance is available to all home visitors and supervisors. Just email Stacey Proctor or call her directly at 602-279-2900, extension 417.
  • DV Guidelines for Home Visitors: Developed by home visitors and domestic violence service providers, the Domestic Violence Guidelines provides quick answers in an electronic format or in an easy-to-carry hard copy you can keep with you. It is available online at the Home Visitor Portal under the Resources tab or can be ordered in hard copy by contacting Stacey Proctor. A new webinar on March 31, 2016 will also provide a step-by-step look at the Guidelines. Register here.
As always, check in frequently at the Strong Families AZ Home Visitor Portalfor new and updated resources.
Make sure you visit the Home Visitor Portal on the Strong Families AZ website. Register to have access to ongoing professional development opportunities, resources and more.

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