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Arizona WIC is Here for Your Families
You hear it all when visiting families, and eating and mealtime issues are often at the top of the list. Feeding a newborn baby, dealing with a picky toddler and wanting preschoolers more involved at mealtimes are all issues families face.

Did you know Arizona has a fantastic resource for these issues? You can get tips and ideas from the nutrition experts at your nearest WIC clinic.
WIC is a free nutrition and breastfeeding program where families can get personalized nutrition tips and support. WIC has breastfeeding information, support and resources for moms. Healthy foods and referrals to health and other services are also provided by WIC clinics in communities statewide. WIC is for infants, children, pregnant women, breastfeeding women (until their infant’s first birthday) and women whose pregnancy ended less than 6 months ago. Families can visit today to see if they are eligible.
Want to help families find a WIC Clinic near home or work? Visit or call 1-800-252-5942 to find the nearest clinic.
You can also download the free AZ WIC Clinic Search App to your mobile device. Use the app to find clinics based on your location and learn about clinic hours or other information on services. The AZ WIC Clinic Search App is available through the Google Play Store on Android or iTunes on Apple devices. Just search for “AZ WIC Clinic Search” and start your download today!
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