Breastfeeding Basic Training I, II, and Current Trends

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this five-day class (broken into two two-day classes and a third one-day class) where participants learn how to use evidence-based practices to support breastfeeding from conception to weaning. The goal of the course is to provide the skills, tools, and resources to attendees in order to help them to help their clients make and reach their breastfeeding goals. Topics include:

  • latch and position
  • newborn feeding patterns
  • myths and barriers
  • community breastfeeding resources
  • overcoming breastfeeding challenges such as:
    • sore nipples
    • latching difficulties
    • engorgement
    • mastitis
    • jaundice
    • low milk supply
  • maternity care practices and their impact on breastfeeding
  • medications and breastfeeding
  • laws that effect breastfeeding
  • breastfeeding and child care centers
  • baby behaviors that can impact breastfeeding
Date Topic Location Audience Registration
April 4-8, 2016


Breastfeeding Basic Training I, II, and Current Trends- April 2016 Tucson

April 4/5 Basic Training I

April 6/7 Basic Training II

April 8   Current Trends

(WIC Breastfeeding

Boot Camp /Strong Families AZ

Basic Training)

By Renee Palting, Anne Whitmire, Emily Davis



*Specific Location Details TBD

WIC Staff:

New/ Existing, Strong Families AZ Home Visitors, Community Partners

For WIC staff: TRAIN


For Home Visiting Staff:


August 5, 2016


LATCH-AZ Tucson WIC Staff, Community Partners, Medical Partners, Public Health Professionals
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