DES Child Care Administration Releases 4,385 Children from Wait List

PHOENIX – The Department of Economic Security announced today great news for many Arizona families looking to receive child care for their children. The DES Child Care Administration (CCA) released 4,385 children from a Priority-1 wait list, representing 2,298 families. Child care assistance is now available to an additional 4,385 that were the highest priority on the wait list.

“This is another move in our agency’s People First, People Always mission to support families in need of assistance,” said Director Timothy Jeffries. “We are honored to assist families in their quest to provide for their children and pave the way for a healthy and successful future.”

“The wait list release will support more parents to be able to access affordable, high quality child care to assist them while they work or participate in education or job training activities,” said Brook Herrera, Program Administrator for the Child Care Administration.

All released families will receive a notice in the mail informing them of this change in status. Released families are asked to contact their Child Care Administration office with their Child Care Provider selection and verification of their eligibility. Once eligibility is confirmed, they will be able to receive financial assistance with child care costs.

The DES Child Care Administration offers Child Care Assistance programs that serve low-income families who are working, participating in education and training activities; are teen parents in high school; or GED classes or are unable/unavailable to provide care for their own children for a portion of the day due to a medical condition or special circumstance. At times, the number of families that have applied and are eligible for these programs is greater than the amount of funds available. A statewide Priority Waiting List was developed to notify eligible families when openings are available.

Those not subject to the Priority Waiting List include:

  • TANF/Cash Assistance participants who need child care for employment or participation in the Jobs program
  • Former TANF/Cash Assistance participants eligible for Transitional Child Care Assistance for employment
  • Families referred to Child Care Assistance by the Department of Child Safety

The Priority Waiting List continues to remain in place. New applicants for Child Care Assistance will be placed on the Priority Waiting List if they do not meet the exceptions.

For more child care information for parents or daycare providers, please visit DES online.

The Arizona Department of Economic Security makes Arizona stronger by helping Arizonans reach their potential through temporary assistance for those in need, and care for the vulnerable. 

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