Support Breastfeeding

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Many employers have already discovered that accommodating employees who breastfeed is good business. The health benefits to mother and baby that come with breastfeeding mean reduced costs to employers due to lower health care costs, decreased absenteeism, enhanced productivity, and improved employee satisfaction. But what happens when your job takes you away from the office?

One of the popular exhibit tables at the recent Strong Families AZ (SFAZ) Home Visiting Conference was the “Lactation Station.” Part of your duties as a home visitor includes professional development, so SFAZ provided luxury accommodations for our lactating conference goers. Mothers were encouraged to check out a key to one of our special rooms set up for breastfeeding or pumping. The rooms were stocked with comfortable chairs, chilled juice and water, snacks, reading materials, a clean-up station with soap and paper towels, a refrigerator for storing breastmilk, and complimentary chilled insulated bags to transport breastmilk safely. Certified breastfeeding consultants were on duty to answer any questions on breastfeeding or storage of breastmilk.

To learn more about breastfeeding and how you can support breastfeeding mothers, visit the Professional Development tab of the Strong Families AZ Home Visitor Portal. A series of webinars are available to broaden your understanding of breastfeeding issues.

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