Help Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome

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Prevent Child Abuse Arizona provides education about coping with crying to more than 45,000 new parents annually in participating birth hospitals throughout the state. Nurses deliver this education to prepare new parents to manage a crying baby and to be aware of the life-threatening dangers of shaking a baby.
At a recent high school health fair, a 14-year-old girl lingered at the Prevent Child Abuse Arizona booth nervously looking at the Never Shake a Baby materials. Finally she spoke and said that she had gotten into trouble because her mother saw her shake her infant brother. She said she did not know why her mother was so mad.
Eventually, the girl revealed the infant was actually her son. A Prevent Child Abuse Arizona program leader carefully explained why babies cry, how to soothe them, and how dangerous shaking an infant can be. The girl was extremely attentive and asked a number of questions. The information she received that day on the dangers of shaking may very well have saved her baby’s life.
“My work with Prevent Child Abuse Arizona is so rewarding. To be able to keep babies safe – saving precious lives – is something I get up determined to do each and every day. An educated mom equals a safe baby.”
– Nicole Valdez, Never Shake a Baby Arizona Statewide Coordinator

Shaken Baby Syndrome can cause seizures, blindness, paralysis, learning disabilities and death. Please consider making a year-end gift today so we can continue our important work educating the community and training professionals who serve children and their families.


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