Family Support Conference

8th Annual Family Support Conference


This is How We Do It Image png (1)

Art by Matt Lamothe

Workshop Handouts:

Session 1:

Dr. Rhoton’s Trauma Workshops

Understanding Poverty Presentation

MAMA Program Flyer

Motivational Interviewing- Sessions 1 and 2

Session 2:

Resources for Families with LGBTQ Children

Communication and Positive Guidance Workshop

Understanding Dad

Truly Madly Deeply Falling in Love with You

Session 3:

Critical Conversations Workshop

Delivering Culturally-Sensitive Trauma-Informed Services to Former Refugees

Helping Parents Become Sexuality Educators for Their Kids

Top Online Sexuality Resources


Family Support Conference Photo Gallery

Visit the First Things First website for information and resources about early childhood development, services, programs and supports.

Visit the Strong Families AZ website for home visitation resources and information.

If you would like to receive credit for attending the conference in the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry, please email



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